Immersive Advertising: 3D Digital Billboards Worldwide Cases

Andy Wade
April 2, 2024

"3D" was once limited to movies seen in theaters using 3D glasses. However, as technology advances, 3D animations have spread beyond cinema screens and are now seen on 3D digital billboards worldwide. Furthermore, 3D is no longer limited to cartoons and magic in movies. Companies and businesses have started using it in their products, most notably 3D digital ads. According to one survey, 82% of respondents remembered seeing a digital billboard showing an advertisement.

A 3D digital billboard is an out-of-home (OOH) advertisement that uses moving images or text to look like they are bursting from the frame. By fusing many pictures from different angles, the optical illusion appears realistic to the eyes.

What is a 3D digital billboard?

3D digital billboards apply exact calculation and artistic vision to traditional signage players using 3D technology. 3D technology generates a hyper-realistic, gigantic three-dimensional image of everything, from a movie preview to an iPhone advertisement.

Using 3D videos well may convey a viewpoint that people remember long after seeing the signs. Large outdoor advertising signs like this make the brand's persona more vivid. Your target audience will be more inclined to Google your company and learn more about it if the image is so accurate!

Globally, brands are adopting 3D digital displays, mainly due to the perspective and depth they provide to their array of marketing and promotion platforms, which elevates ads to the status of works of art.

How do 3D digital billboards function?

3D digital billboards use the forced perspective method, a visual stratagem that modifies depth perception by carefully positioning items at various sizes and distances. Using this technique, you can make items look closer, further away, smaller, or more prominent from the spectator. For example, a 3D digital billboard may show a race automobile heading straight toward the viewer. The automobile might appear ready to leap out of the screen because of the forced perspective concept, which adds depth and movement to the image. These cutting-edge billboards offer unparalleled visual experiences, making items seem more lifelike.

8 Best examples of 3d billboards

3D displays offer more than just what you see! Here are some of the best technologically-generated ads ever made!

1.      Nike's 3D Air Max billboard in Japan

Nike Japan honored its 35th anniversary in 2014 with an innovative campaign. The business created a 3D LED billboard commercial with a Nike box protruding from the board over Tokyo's Shinjuku Station. Then, it displays a variety of Air Max designs in customizable colors! Nike's creative directors succeeded in showcasing innovation, originality, and imagination while using the appropriate technology and winning over millions of fans throughout the globe.

But what may have been the motivating factor behind this? The collaboration between Nike Tokyo's in-house company Creative Studio and creative group CEKAI produced the campaign's final product.

2.      Times Square's 3D Coca-Cola billboard

Coca-Cola became a phenomenal smash with its dynamic advertisement in Times Square, utilizing 3D technology to develop an effect of its famous bottle that seemed to jump out of the display, providing an almost lifelike viewing experience. The beverage company features one of Times Square's first 3D robotic signs. In contrast to conventional billboards or enormous digital displays, the 68-by-42-foot sign comprises 1,760 individually movable LED screens. Coca-Cola's engineering, technical support, and marketing teams designed and built the billboard, with assistance from space150 alongside various partners.

3.      The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime in London's Piccadilly Square

Amazon Prime debuted a fantasy series called The Wheel of Time in November 2021 in London's vibrant hub. The show's prima donna, Rosamund Pike, made a unique 3D appearance in the illusion. In addition to serving as a program advertisement, the digital billboard depicts a fight between Rosamund's character, The Light, and the leader of The Dark army.

Furthermore, Pike had to provide different performances for each site to give the audience various angle effects because identical 3D billboards were at Piccadilly and Big Kahuna in Times Square in New York and the delightful Cross Shinjuku Vision in Tokyo. Amplify created it, and it is the first time an entertainment business has utilized an anamorphic billboard to advertise a series.

4.      Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked

Samsung employed striking 3D billboards to reveal their newest Galaxy smartphone. The colorful picture created the impression that the phone was emerging from the screen, a clever use of perspective to grab viewers' attention. Samsung Electronics used a massive 3D billboard to create a visually arresting out-of-home ad that attracted attention globally in 2022, the Year of the Tiger.

To build excitement for the new Galaxy S22 series, an international activation occurred at iconic locations in the world's most vibrant cities, such as New York, London, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Seoul. The campaign is a creation of Cheil Worldwide.

5.      Wave, South Korea

With good reason, Seoul claims to have the most prominent 3D billboard in the world located in South Korea. A massive wave materialized on the LED facade of Gangnam's K-pop Square towards the end of 2020 when most city dwellers' thoughts of coastal getaways were still far off. The purpose of the anamorphic illusion is to increase total foot traffic.

The immersive simulation, which appears for a minute each hour, seems as though water is ready to spill over the heads of everyone passing through the Square to produce a peaceful but dynamic impact. In addition, Korean music videos, corporate advertisements, and, more recently, artworks like the Wave are frequently promoted on this screen. The Wave is one of the latest projects of D'strict, a digital design company.

6.      BMW's Deceptive Billboard

BMW designed an eye-catching 3D billboard to introduce a new automobile model. The design makes the car seem to drive out of the billboard, showcasing its dynamic and elegant lines.

Scattered over a gigantic 3D billboard above the Edition Hotel, the carmaker recently launched two remarkable ads created in collaboration with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, totaling 14,000 square feet.

7.      Super Casting Campaign by Naver in South Korea's COEX Square

The biggest search engine in South Korea, Naver, created an enthralling promotion in Seoul's COEX Square at the beginning of 2022. In the platform's webtoon, "Super Casting," the international K-pop group BTS appears in a 3D advertisement display.

Three band members—RM, Jhope, and Jungkook—started the commercial by waving to the audience and tapping their hands through a second screen pop-up before taking separate steps into an unidentified location and the others joining them. Additionally, it gave the impression that the spectator could hold hands together and supported the comic notion. There was a ton of audience interaction in the Square!

8.      WhatsApp (London, Piccadilly Circus)

WhatsApp presented a 3D commercial presentation to coincide with introducing new privacy and security capabilities for its customers. The advertisement showed a metallic exterior structure encasing a vault for storing a voice memo.

3D Digital billboard advertising: A promising future

3D digital billboards are gaining popularity as technology takes the world by storm. While market changes and consumption habits influence advertising, 3D digital billboard advertisements last longer than conventional ones. Walking through the city's center or cruising along a freeway allows the user to enter an exciting new universe, which is why 3D displays have grown popular. 3D digital billboards will stay as more firms attempt to revolutionize marketing and advertising.

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