Times Square Signage: The most iconic digital billboards in the US

Andy Wade
January 9, 2024

Times Square, New York City, is a hub adorned with an impressive collection of digital billboards. These billboards, also known as out-of-home advertising screens, have become synonymous with the area's ambiance. Each display uniquely shapes Times Square's visual landscape, from the ABC Supersign to the screens belonging to brands like American Eagle. In this article, we will delve into the characteristics of the screens that make up Times Square's signage.

Icons of Radiance in Times Square

Below are the iconic displays in Times Square:

ABC Supersign

The ABC SuperSign is a renowned, concave LED sign in Times Square's center. The screen is utilized daily for broadcasting "Good Morning America," "Monday Night Football," and other ABC, Disney, and ESPN shows. The SuperSign, designed by Walt Disney, is a very sophisticated digital display that can schedule and play high-definition video and live feeds from more than 20 sources. Advertisers also utilize sophisticated functionalities that enable viewers to engage with on-screen content via Text, SMS, Twitter, Flickr, and custom applications.

ABC Supersign

American Eagle Times Square

American Eagle Times Square is a product of the R/GA ad agency. This multinational firm specializing in digital experiences and retail settings created the "15 Seconds of Fame" technology and interior and exterior signage content. Their primary objective is to create digital experiences that effectively highlight the brands of American Eagle and its consumers, attracting visitors from the busy streets to the store. American Eagle Outfitters has recently inaugurated a retail store in Times Square, considered one of the most prominent and well-known destinations worldwide. AE boasts an impressive location and "footprint" for global branding, with a vast area of approximately 25,000 square feet spread across four storeys, and featuring 15,000 square feet of LED signs. Situated just outside Father Duffy Square, this location allows people to sit and unwind while observing brand messages.

42nd & 8th by BIG Outdoor

42nd & 8th masterpieces by Big Outdoor are 13,000 square feet of high-quality digital displays located near a highly trafficked intersection in New York City. These two synchronized digital displays offer a clear and direct view to promote your business effectively. You can display content on several screens, a unique feature in the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry. These screens possess unique features and are strategically positioned opposite the Port Authority, effectively reaching everyday commuters and all northbound traffic on 8th Avenue.


The NASDAQ MarketSite screen in Times Square is globally renowned as one of the most prominent physical ads. Nasdaq is the agency behind this iconic LED display. The display is integrated within an octagonal structure spanning eight stories and has a total area of approximately 14,000 square feet. Upon its completion, it held the distinction of being the largest display in the world. The display comprises around 8400 panels, resulting in a conventional display size of 1280x1824 pixels. Thirty square windows punctuate the structure, and advertising designs must account for this.


The Midtown Financial (MiFi) is a 22-story building with advanced features such as two high-definition LED screens, state-of-the-art technology for full-motion video, simulcast events, mobile interaction, social media integration, and other capabilities. It is vividly shown by the numerous automobiles and pedestrians that traverse Times Square daily. Furthermore, this renowned exhibition is situated just next to 1 Times Square, the residence of the renowned New Year's Eve Ball. Capable of synchronizing seamlessly with the adjacent Nasdaq to establish complete dominance over the south bowtie area of Times Square.

Express Screen at 1552 Broadway Avenue

The Express Screen, located at 1552 Broadway Avenue by SNA, is a sight in the heart of Times Square next to Father Duffy Square. It consists of four LED displays that span from ground level to towering 18 stories, completely transforming the landscape of this iconic area. What makes these screens remarkable is their versatility, allowing for synchronized control or a combination of both. This advanced capability enhances the flexibility of content. Mesmerizes onlookers with a seamless blend of captivating images. The strategic placement ensures that the Express Screen is visible from every angle within the Bow Tie area, providing an unforgettable experience for anyone who encounters this display amidst the vibrant energy of Times Square.

One Times Square

One Times Square, managed by Lu Cerda and famous for being the location of the New Year's Eve Ball, is the most lucrative advertising prospect globally. Situated prominently in the center of Times Square, this dynamic signage offers high-quality, front-and-center visibility with the ability to display full-motion content, live-streaming videos, and interactive features. In early 2019, New Tradition accomplished a groundbreaking feat by merging the bottom three screens into a single, gigantic screen known as "The 1." Standing at a height of 200 feet, this enormous digital display is impossible to overlook as it dominates the skyline of midtown Manhattan, capturing the attention across a span of 5 city blocks. In 2019, the top 3 screens were improved and relaunched as "The Countdown" because of their crucial position in the annual New Year's Eve ball drop.

Illuminating 1540 Broadway- Lower Sign

Illuminating 1540 Broadway

The 1540 Broadway Lower Sign, known as the Times Square Spectacular billboard, is an addition to the Bowtie area. It captures visitors' attention as it towers 68 feet above Times Square. Spanning across three stories and covering an area of 1,708 feet, this radiant beacon is an ever-changing canvas for captivating content. Managed by the Walt Disney Company, the display continuously mesmerizes with Disney content and a diverse range of third-party content. The display's advanced playback system features augmented reality interactive virtual reality templates, resolution live streaming, motion-based games, and audio content that seamlessly integrates with mobile devices. Moreover, this billboard goes beyond advertising by offering features, social media interactivity, countdown functions, and even hosting special events in collaboration with the adjacent Disney store.

The Intricacies of Placement and Costs

What makes Times Square an international hub for advertising isn't the brilliance of its digital billboards but the careful considerations behind their placement and associated costs.

Placement Strategy

Determining where to place an advertisement in Times Square involves considering factors.

  1. Visibility is crucial for advertisers who aim to secure locations with exposure. They carefully analyze foot traffic patterns to ensure their content remains easily visible to the audience.
  2. Advertisers also take into account the sections of Times Square that attract demographics. They tailor their placement strategies accordingly to align with the preferences and interests of their target audience and effectively convey their message.
  3. Times Square has billboard options in terms of screen size and orientation. Advertisers can choose the ones that best fit their needs for displaying content.


Pricing information can be challenging to obtain due to industry competition. However, the cost of Times Square billboards is influenced by several factors, such as the size and location of screens. Larger screens in premium areas have higher prices than displays on the outskirts. Additionally, advertisers can decide how long they want their content showcased on these screens. Whether it's a time of day or a longer advertising campaign, the duration plays a role in determining the costs you'll encounter. Also, special events, holidays, and seasonal changes can impact costs. Advertisers may take advantage of these occasions or adapt their strategies based on shifts in audience behavior.

Digital Signage in Times Square

The digital billboards scattered throughout Times Square embody innovation, creativity, and the dynamic energy of business that illuminates its surroundings. Times Square captures the essence of blending art, commerce, and culture—captivating individuals who traverse its streets. With advancements and evolving advertising strategies, Times Square continues to serve as a platform for brands to make an impression on the global stage. The iconic screens in this location go beyond product promotion; they tell stories that engage audiences and create unforgettable experiences. This signage represents the essence and innovative spirit of out-of-home advertising by redefining how brands establish connections with their audience.

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