What the Best Digital Signage Software Should Look Like in 2024

Andy Wade
February 5, 2024

You see digital signs almost everywhere these days! The digital wayfinding system in the elevator, the gigantic digital billboard over the shopping center, or the digital menu board featuring the newest summer specials from the neighborhood ice cream shop! With signage essential to modern technology, your company needs to adopt one!

Fortunately, digital signage software has completely changed how companies interact with clients, staff, and guests. However, what is digital signage software? Digital signage software is a tool that allows you to create, distribute, control, schedule, and modify the material on electronic devices, including roadside digital banners, billboards, digital menu panels, LED flat displays, video walls, engaging displays, and others!

It comprises playback software loaded on the player on every display and a content management system (CMS) that makes it simple to administer and operate the whole network from a single central place. The CMS is the primary platform for managing, distributing, and updating material on your digital screens. It is the brains behind the digital signage system. As a result, the words "content management software" and "digital signage software" are occasionally used synonymously.

Remember, effective digital signage software provides multi-device compatibility, customization, and simplicity of accessibility. However, a few vital qualities can be ideal depending on your company's sector! If you are looking for the best digital signage software, here are some features to look for:

Cloud-Based Solution Simplicity

Software ought to be web-based or cloud-based and easily available from any computer with an internet connection. It implies that brands can oversee and manage their signage network anywhere. It allows them to respond immediately to any modifications in the requirements, audience makeup, or content. About 86% of businesses agree that cloud technology is crucial to digital transformation.

Cloud-Based Solution

Additionally, network administrators will find it simple to integrate digital signage into their AV/IT setup, check the network's health, and do remote troubleshooting. No matter how many locations you manage, having a cloud-based solution lets you stay on top of your displays. Some examples of cloud-based software solutions include ScreenCloud, Yodeck, and Look DS.

Cross-Platform Prowess

Certain companies don't stick to just one type of signage platform. A network of interactive screens, video walls, kiosks, and wall displays will all be part of their signage system. One of the most crucial elements of digital signage software for these kinds of businesses is the capability to manage and support several platforms with a single login. You can manage all your displays using software, which offers operators a high return on investment and the extra flexibility of centralized administration over the display network.

Search for digital signage software that is easy to use and works with a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Android, Chrome OS, macOS, Linux, and others. The platform should include a comprehensive list of compatible players and the requisite hardware. Before commencing, review these details or confirm the compatibility of your existing equipment. OnSign TV is one of the best software solutions for different OS platforms. 

Reliability at Its Core

Digital out-of-home and digital signs are essentially for viewing. As a result, business owners and their clients find crashes, glitches, and other mishaps very obvious and frustrating. That's why ensuring software reliability is one of your top priorities when you weigh your alternatives. A solid platform has almost flawless uptime and frees you up to concentrate on more critical aspects of your company rather than trivial worries like if your software has broken again.

Likewise, ease of use is crucial for any quality digital signage software. Organizing and maintaining your material may be easier and more efficient with a simple and intuitive interface. Since many personnel using the software might not be tech-savvy, an intuitive user interface is crucial. For instance, with a rating of more than 99.9%, lobbyTV provides consumers with 24/7 reliability and daily metrics monitoring.

Real-Time Assurance 

Verifying that you are fulfilling any obligations about the content you are playing on your digital signage is important. Consequently, spending money on a high-quality proof-of-play reporting platform makes sense.

Real-Time Assurance

PoP reports may provide information that you and your customers or partners would find helpful, such as the time and location of content playback, the approximate number of impressions received, and other details. If you want to know precisely how your content is functioning on your network, give this capability top priority. It will also give you alerts on what needs changing or updating. Look DS is an excellent solution when looking for proof-of-play features. 

Effortless Content Management

The primary function of digital signage software is managing content, allowing users to produce, publish, and arrange material on a single, central platform. Users may plan material to appear at particular times or dates, edit templates, and drag & drop media files. Additionally, some software allows integration with third-party data sources, such as social network APIs and RSS feeds.

Look for software that allows you to manage your content effortlessly. Ideally, you want to save your money and time when creating content. If the software gives you a wide range of templates and custom options that allow you to meet your business objectives, you can consider it an excellent choice. Considering that 58% of industrial organizations intend to invest in boosting customer interaction and experience, with digital signage playing a significant role, you can't overlook your content management.

Smart Integrations

Some of the most captivating content in digital signage comes from combining data streams, audience analytics functions, and other features not part of the digital signage software by design. Ensure that your digital signage software can interact with all the tools and data you want to conduct effective advertising, offer helpful real-time information, or better understand your audience's demographics.

Check that software provides many integration options for companies looking for smooth connections with other platforms and systems. Using social media feeds, real-time data from other sources, or interaction with other software programs, you may improve your digital signage material by utilizing the potential of connectivity with this choice. Remember, videos on social media (or from other sources) get 1200% more reactions than posts with photos and text combined.

Affordable Excellence with Responsive Support

When you encounter problems, you'll need the appropriate support to troubleshoot them. The "right" degree can vary; if you or the program users have enough sophistication to rely only on assistance material, that's OK. However, if you anticipate needing further assistance, ensure the vendor can provide the support your firm requires.

For instance, you may consider software that provides online chat support, where you can pass your concerns and get them fixed quickly. 82% of consumers are happier when dealing with customer support via live chat, compared to only 61% of email users and a concerning 44% of phone customers. If you are looking for software with responsive support, try Look DS.

Cost-Effective Saas-Based Pricing

Cost Effective price

If you are on a limited budget, software with SaaS-based pricing offers an economical yet efficient answer to your digital signage requirements. It provides a competitive pricing approach without sacrificing critical functionality. This option allows you to create visually appealing presentations and compelling information without breaking the budget.

Remember, while selecting your company's finest digital signage software, it's only fitting to consider your unique needs, financial limits, and desired features. You may choose the program that best fits your needs and ambitions by carefully evaluating these aspects. OptiSigns and TelemetryTV are good examples of SaaS-based pricing software.

Choosing the best Digital Signage Software

Digital signage software has grown to be a need for companies trying to interact with clients, staff, and outside guests. The best digital signage software has features and benefits that may help your organization meet its communication goals, such as greater sales, better brand recognition, simpler processes, and enhanced engagement. You can use digital signage to improve your communication strategy by choosing the best software and considering important factors.

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