2024's Top Sony TVs: Budget, Premium, and Commercial Picks

Andy Wade
May 13, 2024

Sony continues to lead television technology with a compelling variety of TVs for varied consumer needs. The 2023-2024 TV line features some of the best Sony TVs, from budget-friendly to premium selections. Sony also offers cutting-edge digital signage solutions for businesses seeking visual impact.

Premium Sony TV Options

Sony flagship models epitomize excellence in design, technology, and performance. From stunning visuals to immersive soundscapes, these premium TVs redefine entertainment, setting a new standard for viewers.

Sony Bravia XR Class A95L

The flagship Sony Bravia XR Class A95L smart TV, whose price ranges between $2,799.99- $4,999.99, offers an unmatched viewing experience with cutting-edge technology and elegant design. Its features include:

Excellent picture and sound quality

This TV uses Sony's Cognitive Processor XR to produce stunning images with realistic colors, deep blacks, and dazzling whites. This advanced processing method optimizes every pixel for incredible clarity and realism. The integrated Sony sound system with Dolby Atmos technology has two built-in speakers and two subwoofers for immersive audio.

High-Resolution Display

The XR A95L's 3,840 x 2,160-pixel resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio display content in spectacular detail. Every frame is clear and deep, making movies and games and streaming your favorite shows engaging.

Advanced Smart TV Capabilities

This TV seamlessly integrates GoogleTV OS, giving customers access to various streaming platforms and content. From major streaming networks to many apps, entertainment options are endless. Users can easily find and enjoy their favorite material thanks to the straightforward design.

Sleek appearance

The XR A95L's clean appearance fits any modern home. Its small form and bezel-less display keep the focus on the screen, where billions of colors create a stunning visual spectacle. This TV adds beauty to any area, whether wall-mounted or on a stand.

Excellent Upscaling and Display Performance

This TV makes native 4K video look even better with AI upscaling. Lower-resolution content is manually upscaled to near-4K quality to preserve and clarify every detail. The XR A95L's OLED display in brightly illuminated areas reduces glare and reflections, ensuring uninterrupted viewing.



The Sony XR A80L OLED TV is the pinnacle of premium television technology, with features that enhance immersion and quality.

Cognitive Processor XR

The A80L's groundbreaking Cognitive Processor XR improves speech clarity and object detail by recognizing focal points and altering pictures and sounds. Lifelike pictures and realistic soundscapes immerse viewers in the action beyond regular television.

Beautiful OLED Picture

This TV uses an OLED panel, known for its excellent blacks, great contrast, and wide viewing angle. This technique delivers exceptionally realistic and engaging pictures, especially in dark settings with clear details. Movies, games, and streaming material offer a visual feast that takes viewers to new entertainment worlds.

Acoustic Surface Audio+

The A80L uses its screen as a center speaker, unlike other TVs. This novel audio reproduction method provides an immersive soundscape from the action on screen. A dramatic audio experience that accompanies the beautiful pictures immerses spectators in rich, dynamic sound.

XR OLED Contrast Pro & XR Triluminos Pro

These technologies improve the A80L's picture quality for a premium viewing experience. XR OLED Contrast Pro enhances every scene with deeper blacks and brighter whites. XR Triluminos Pro accurately reproduces a broader range of colors for a more natural and vibrant picture that brings content to life.

Budget Sony TV Options

Sony has created a variety of affordable TVs without sacrificing performance or features. Their budget options combine value and quality to improve your living room experience or provide a trustworthy entertainment solution.

Sony XR-X90L

Sony XR-X90L is a budget-friendly TV that comes in various sizes, including 55", 65", 75", 85", and 98". Its price ranges between $1,099.99 - $6,999.99, depending on size.

Clear Image XR and Cognitive Processor XR

The XR-X90L's Sony Cognitive Processor XR upsamples and enhances images for breathtaking quality. Clear Image XR technology enhances viewing with sharp, detailed graphics across content sources.

Google TV Smart Interface

The XR-X90L seamlessly integrates Google TV as its smart interface, giving customers access to many streaming apps and unlimited entertainment alternatives. The TV is also a smart home center with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple Home integration for voice-controlled operation and home automation.

Bravia Core Streaming

Like the XR-X90L, Sony TVs provide Bravia Core, a selected collection of high-quality Sony Pictures movies. This function enhances content consumption with streaming quality that rivals tangible media, providing premium enjoyment.

Sony X80L Series LED TV

Sony X80L Series LED TV

Sony X80L Series LED TV

The Sony X80L Series LED TV offers a wide range of features at pocket-friendly prices without sacrificing quality.

4K HDR Processor X1

The 4K HDR Processor X1 in the X80L Series adds depth, texture, and realistic colors to pictures. This powerful processor analyzes screen objects and adjusts contrast using Object-based HDR remaster technology. The result is a brighter, lifelike image that enhances movies, TV, and gaming.

4K X-Reality PRO with 4K Upscaling

The X80L Series has 4K X-Reality PRO with 4K upscaling to boost HD and lower-resolution video detail and clarity. This function uses an extensive database of 4K photos to upscale lower-resolution video to near-4K quality, displaying every scene with astonishing clarity and precision.

Motionflow XR

The X80L Series uses Motionflow XR to smooth and sharpen motion by inserting extra frames between frames. This function is ideal for sports and action movies, where fluid motion is crucial.

Google TV with X-Balanced Speaker and Dolby Atmos

Google TV powers the X80L Series, a hub for streaming services and multimedia. The easy interface lets you simultaneously access many apps, movies, and TV episodes. Thin X80L Series TVs have X-Balanced speakers for clear sound. The Dolby Atmos-compatible TV delivers immersive, spatial sound that puts you in the action.

Digital Signage Sony Options

The Sony digital signage selection offers high-quality televisions for showcasing dynamic content. They include the following:


BRAVIA XR Class X93L offers innovative features and premium viewing. Its price is $1699.99 - $3799.99 depending on the size.

Ultimate Contrast and Precise Color Control

The BRAVIA XR 65” Class X93L Mini LED 4K HDR has stunning contrast and precise color control. Google TV uses XR Backlight Master™ Drive and XR Triluminos Pro™ technology to control thousands of Mini LEDs and accurately display billions of colors. This combination provides unmatched contrast and rich, natural colors, making it excellent for digital signs.

Versatile Connectivity and Streaming

Google TV™ integration simplifies access to various streaming apps, enabling users to curate dynamic content for digital signage displays. Apple Airplay support allows seamless streaming from compatible devices, increasing content distribution flexibility.

High-quality graphics and Immersive Audio

Dolby Vision®, IMAX® Enhanced, and Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode deliver breathtaking graphics and immersive audio. Acoustic Multi-Audio™ and Dolby Atmos® support enhance the viewing experience for signs by matching sound to immersive visuals.

Flexible Installation and Adaptability

The multi-position stand may be low-profile for immersive viewing or raised for soundbars. This versatility lets the TV fit effortlessly into diverse signage arrangements, improving visibility and engagement.

Ambient Optimization and Eco-Friendly Features

The optional BRAVIA CAM with Ambient Optimization Pro optimizes picture and sound for varied viewing environments. The Eco Dashboard simplifies energy efficiency settings to regulate power consumption so that digital signage systems can run continuously.

Sony Bravia EZ20L 75”

Perfect for digital signage and corporate applications, the Sony Bravia EZ20L Series 75" UHD 4K HDR Commercial Monitor is an easy and slim professional display. At $1,411.46, Sony's 4K visual quality is enhanced with easy setup, network management integration, and content sharing.

Excellent 4K image quality

Advanced Sony picture processing technologies optimize your content, and 350-nit panel brightness ensures interior visibility. The display's broad viewing angle gives everyone in the room clear, vivid visuals.

Finer detail

4 K X-Reality PRO improves picture quality. Real-time sharpening and refining expose detail from lower-resolution content.

Simplified signage

BRAVIA's HTML5 support lets you display interactive signage content without a set-top box, media player, or PC. The onboard BRAVIA Signage Free (BSF) 2.0 automatically plays HTML material, videos, and images from the display's 16GB storage or a USB stick.

Mirroring screen wirelessly

BRAVIA supports Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast for wireless content mirroring from mobile devices.

Sony continues to lead the television market with a wide range of products, including affordable entertainment for the budget-conscious, immersive cinematic experiences for movie fans, and powerful digital signage displays for businesses looking to make a big impression. Sony's 2023-2024 TV portfolio exceeds customer and corporate expectations by pushing the limits of what's possible. The television market has seen the best Sony TVs over the years, and each year, they prove their reliability as a leading entertainment provider by focusing on quality, performance, and diversity.

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