Best TV Mounts for Different Screen Sizes in 2024

Andy Wade
May 13, 2024

TV mounts have embraced flexibility to suit the growing demand for larger, sleeker televisions. In 2024, finding the perfect mount that seamlessly integrates with your commercial space while providing optimal viewing angles is crucial. The market offers various solutions for multiple screen sizes, from minimalist fixed mounts to fully articulating arms. Whether embracing the beauty of an 85-inch behemoth or seeking a discreet mounting option for a 32-inch display, this piece will unveil top-rated TV mounts with different sizes and preferences.

Available options for TV mounts

Experience the ultimate in interior design with sleek TV mounts, offering various options from swiveling full-motion mounts to slim fixed mounts that hug the wall:

Mounting dream MD2463 TV wall mount bracket

Mounting dream MD2463 TV wall mount bracket

This sturdy mount offers the ultimate flexibility and convenience for most flatscreen TVs ranging from 10 to 26 inches. The full-motion articulating arm extends up to 13.6 inches from the wall, allowing you to adjust the angle for the perfect view from any seat. 

Bid farewell to squinting from awkward positions - the MD2463 brings your TV right where you want it. Compatible up to 100x100mm, this wall mount securely holds TVs of various brands. 

Installation is a breeze with all the necessary hardware included and clear instructions provided. Once mounted, when pushed back, your TV practically floats on the wall with a low 2.3-inch profile. At just $20.99, this affordable mount elevates your audience’s viewing experience without breaking the bank.

Sanus advanced tilt premium TV wall mount

Expertly engineered to support TVs from 42 to an impressive 90 inches, this mount guarantees a secure and seamless installation for your ultra-large flatscreen. The low-profile 2.1-inch design discreetly hugs your wall, creating a sleek, space-efficient aesthetic that complements modern decor. 

The Sanus mount fits various TV models with patterns ranging from 200x100 to 600x400mm, ensuring a perfect fit. This premium mount, priced at $189.99, provides an unparalleled experience with its exceptional durability and ease of use.

Videosecu articulating TV wall mount

This mount is versatile and compatible with LED, LCD, and OLED TVs ranging from 37 to 75 inches. One of the standout features of this mount is its full-motion design, which allows for a 180-degree swivel and tilt adjustment. 

The TV wall mount has an extension range of up to 14 inches from the wall, allowing for sufficient cable management and easy access to the TV's ports and connections. This feature enhances the overall aesthetic of your setup and ensures that you can easily connect or disconnect devices as needed. 

This mount can accommodate different TV sizes and models with mounting patterns ranging from 150 x 100 to 684x400mm. Its solid construction and durable materials ensure a secure and stable mounting solution, giving you peace of mind that your valuable TV is safely supported. Prices start from $69.99. The VideoSecu Articulating TV Wall Mount offers exceptional value for money, combining functionality and affordability.

Amazon basics tilt TV wall moun

This TV wall mount can accommodate TV sizes from 22 to 55 inches and supports weights up to 80 pounds. One of the standout features of this mount is its tilt capability, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle between +10° and -5°. The tilt functionality minimizes glare, providing a comfortable viewing from multiple angles within the room. 

The Amazon basics tilt TV wall mount, with a low profile of 1.6 inches, hugs the wall closely and provides a sleek and space-saving installation. This compact design suits rooms with limited space or those seeking a minimalist aesthetic. The included hardware and clear instructions make the installation process straightforward, even for buyers without extensive DIY experience. 

The TV mount costs $38.80 and is a cost-effective and user-friendly option for budget-conscious consumers seeking a functional and visually appealing way to mount their TVs.

Perlesmith full motion TV wall mount

Perlesmith full motion TV wall mount

The Perlesmith full-motion TV wall mount is a feature-packed solution for mounting your television in the corner of any room. This mount offers convenience and can accommodate screen sizes from 37 to 70 inches, with a maximum weight capacity of 99 pounds. One of the standout features of this wall mount is its separate wall plates for room-corner mounting. This innovative design allows you to maximize the available space and create a seamless, integrated look that blends well with your corporate looks. 

The Perlesmith mount has a full range of motion, allowing you to turn your TV up to 45 degrees in either direction, ensuring optimal viewing angles from anywhere in the room. The tilt function lets you adjust the screen angle from +5 to -15 degrees. The tilt function lets you adjust the screen angle from +5 to -15 degrees. The mount is compatible with various patterns, from 200x100mm to 600x400mm, making it suitable for most modern televisions.

The Perlesmith full-motion TV wall mount costs $85.99 and is an affordable and practical solution for homeowners searching for high-quality mounting options. The package includes an instruction manual and standard mounting hardware, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. The mount is backed by a 5-year limited warranty and professional U.S.-based customer support, giving you peace of mind and a long-lasting investment.

Installation tips and precautions

Mounting your television to the wall can provide a sleek, modern look while saving valuable floor space. However, proper installation is crucial for safety and longevity. Follow these tips and precautions to ensure a successful TV mount setup:

Preparation is key

Before beginning the installation process, carefully measure the area where you plan to mount the TV. Ensure ample space for the viewing angle you desire and that the mount will not interfere with obstacles like windows or vents. Locate the wall space using a stud finder, as this is where you'll securely anchor the mounting bracket.

Choose the right mount

TV mounts come in various styles, including fixed, tilt, pivot, and full-motion. Consider the size and weight of your TV and your ideal viewing flexibility to select the appropriate mount. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for weight capacity and compatibility.

Gather the necessary tools

Typical tools needed for TV mount installation include a drill, a level, a stud finder, and the appropriate drill bits and screws (often come with the mount). An additional set of hands can also be helpful throughout the assembly and mounting process.

Handle with care

TVs, significantly larger models, can be heavy and unwieldy. Take proper precautions to avoid injury or damage during the installation. Enlist assistance when lifting and positioning the TV, and avoid excessive force that could crack or scratch the screen.

Secure the mount properly

Follow the manufacturer's instructions when securing the mounting bracket to the wall studs. Use the correct lag bolts or anchors, and ensure the bracket is level before proceeding. Double-check that all connections are tight and secure before hanging the TV.

Cable management

To maintain a tidy appearance, use cable management solutions to route and conceal the various cables: HDMI, power, Ethernet, and running to the TV. Many mounts offer built-in cable management features or accessories for this purpose.

Let your TV make your wall draw some attention

When mounting your TV in your office spaces, choosing the correct mount is crucial for a seamless and secure installation. The best TV mounts offer versatility, accommodating various screen sizes while maximizing space and enhancing the viewing experience. Don't compromise on quality or functionality – invest in a reliable mount that complements your establishment's aesthetics and meets your specific needs. Act now and elevate your business space with the perfect TV mount solution.

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